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A Quick Analysis of the Information Technology Job Industry in Kentucky

Kentucky is situated in the east south-central region of the United States and is the 37th largest state in terms of area. The tech sector of Kentucky contributes to about 3.4% of the state’s overall economy. There are about 5682 tech business establishments. Kentucky had faced a slight decline in tech employment in 2016, but in recent times, the state is planning to expand the tech sector. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet works to promote a balance between the state’s workforce and businesses. The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, on the other hand, is working to maintain a thriving business climate in the state.Explore Information Technology jobs in Kentucky, KY .

Detailed Insight Into the System Admin Skill Job Prerequisites

To get a job as a system admin, one should have the right skills and qualifications. They should have general computer skills, which include data entry, word processing, email, and record management. They should also have hands-on experience in system use scripts and programs written in javascript, Perl, PHP, python, and java. They should also be academically qualified with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. System admin certifications, such as Microsoft (MCP, MCSA, MCSE), Cisco (CCNA, CCIE), and Red Hat (RHCE, RHCSS), can be advantageous. They are also expected to have non-technical skills, such as multitasking, flexibility, communication skills, etc.

Analyzing the Job Responsibilities of a System Admin Candidate

Maintaining and configuring the reliable operation of computer systems, mainly multi-user computers, such as servers, is one of the responsibilities of system admins. They are also in charge of the design, vulnerability management, software deployments, deployment and automation across configuration management, monitoring as well as client/end-user support, and incident response. They also take care of and fix hardware or software failures. They are also responsible for the monitoring of systems, confirming the integrity and availability of all hardware, systems, and key processes, analyzing system and application logs, server resources, and confirming the completion of scheduled jobs. They also provide assistance in strategic planning and development of policy that covers issues related to Information technology services, and take part in a 24x7 on-call rotation, as assigned.

Salary Scale of a System Admin Candidate in Kentucky

The annual salary of a system admin amounts to $85,706 in the United States, and the average annual salary for a median system admin ranges between $50,000 and $58,000. Browse for some of the best Sys Admin jobs that promise a blooming career!
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