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A Quick Analysis Of The Information Technology Job Industry In Hawaii

Hawaii, a state in the Pacific United States, was the most recent to join the United States. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia, dominating the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has a cost of living higher than most places in the US. Honolulu is the state capital and the largest city. The Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations work diligently to protect the economic and social wellbeing of the Hawaiian labor force and administer and enforce labor laws and legislations. The Department also oversees workforce development programs to improve the competitiveness of the state’s workforce in the global market.Search latest Hawaii, HI IT jobs . The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is the leading advocate of Hawaii businesses and assists in their growth by organizing various networking events, seminars, and help connecting job seekers to prospective employers. The University of Hawaii Information Technology Center consists of a top-notch data center that provides versatile ways of retrieving and transforming data. The center also serves as an educational medium sharing the benefits of sustainable technologies. The tech sector employs nearly 31,000 workers making 4% of the state’s total workforce. The state also had a 33% increase in the availability of jobs related to emerging technologies.

Detailed Insight Into The Reporting Tools Skill Job Prerequisites

Business Intelligence tools help to make the flow of data manageable and enable organizations to turn unstructured data into actionable information. Some of the skills required for a reporting analyst are as follows: 1. Strong communication skills, specifically, articulation and presentation skills, exceptional analytical skills 2. Hands-on exposure to office tools, SQL and database systems 3. A good understanding of data manipulation and statistical reporting 4. Expert knowledge of data visualization tools 5. Experience working with data analysis tools and techniques

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A Reporting Tools Candidate

A reporting analyst is often tasked with the following responsibilities: 1. Gather information, analyze and document 2. Use the data to provide business-specific trends, forecasts, blueprints 3. Design and develop ETL systems to support data integration from several sources 4. Manage database applications and objects 5. Offer suggestions on areas to improve and provide supporting data

Salary Scale Of A Reporting Tools Candidate In Hawaii

The wages for a data analyst is Hawaii is in the range of $56,000 - $95,000, and the wages for a data scientist is in the range of $58,000 - $150,000. The salary depends on the experience levels and level of expertise. View more BI Reporting Analyst jobs in USA .
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