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A Quick Analysis Of The Information Technology Job Industry In West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the states in the Appalachian region of the United States. It is located in the southern part of the United States. It is located within the rolling hills of the Appalachian and hence, the name mountain state. It shares a border with Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Braxton county is the most populous region in the state. The largest metropolitan area is Charleston, the capital city of the state. The state has seen growth in gross domestic product and has been ranked topmost in the nation. Information technology and telecommunications find a place in the list of major economic contributors.Check out promising IT job listings in West Virginia, WV . West Virginia Chamber of Commerce has been sanctioning bills to improve technology infrastructure, networking, business incubators, and digital job training. Opportunity zones come with tax cuts to attract good businesses, which will spur growth in the economy. WV Division of Labor has been providing tech awareness and tech training that can create a skilled workforce that can be competitive and innovative. The tech sector contributes around $3 billion to the overall economy.

Detailed Insight Into QA Testing Skill Job Prerequisites

A QA tester is required to be skilled in using manual and automated testing tools. They should be an expert in creating automation framework to test the performance and endurance of the application. They must possess coding skills to develop scripts for automation. They should have expertise working on various testing tools and defect tracking mechanisms. They must be certified in testing from a recognized institute. Functional knowledge in the domain is an added benefit. A QA tester must be an expert in finding abnormalities as they test the application.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A QA Testing Candidate

A QA tester should create test documentation that details test plans and test cases. They should write scripts to automate the test. The testers should be able to build the right test environment that can check all aspects of the application. They should run the test cases and raise issues. They must be able to complete the testing within a stipulated time and log defects. QA testers should log defects in a defect tracking mechanism and should closely follow up on each defect till closure. They should be able to make informed decisions on the various defect resolutions.

Salary Scale Of A QA Testing Candidate In West Virginia

The average annual salary of a QA Engineer in West Virginia is in the range of $53,400 - $100,100. As you scale to senior test engineer, the salary will be around $71,300 and $105,900. Digitization and automation have brought in the need for increased opportunities in the field of information technology. Every software application developed will have to be tested to ensure quality. So, testers will always be in demand, and they can enjoy a secure and lucrative career. Search latest Manual Testing jobs in USA .
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