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Project Management Job Openings in Vermont

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A Quick Analysis of The Information Technology Job Industry in Vermont

In terms of land area as well as population, Vermont is among the smallest states in the US. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York are the three bordering states of Vermont. In the north, Vermont is bordered by Quebec (Canada). Some aspects of the economy and employment in the state are regulated by The Vermont Department of Labor and The Vermont Chamber of Commerce. The tech industry in Vermont is estimated to have a turnover of 3 billion USD, which is almost 8 percent of the GDP of this state. When we analyze the salaries earned by professionals in other industries of Vermont, the tech sector workers make 63 percent more on average.See more Technology jobs in Vermont, VT . Burlington and South Burlington are the cities with maximum opportunities for professionals in the IT sector. The rates of unemployment in this state are also among the lowest in the nation. So, the potential for economic growth can’t be denied. The small area and population of the state are the primary reasons behind relatively lower numbers in terms of tech job postings, which stands at 3.5k.

Detailed Insight into The Project Management Skill Job Prerequisites

A good project manager not only knows about the subject matter of the project but also about the modus operandi of their organization. At the same time, they must also be able to communicate intelligently with clients. As a result, they serve as the link between all stakeholders of a project and the professionals entrusted with the responsibility of completing the tasks.

Analyzing the Job Responsibilities of a Project Management Candidate

It is vital that a project manager is able to motivate the team members working on different projects. Being assertive while being likable is the ideal combination of qualities that all successful project management professionals possess. The best project managers are also able to use excellent project management tools at appropriate times to ensure a smooth completion.

Salary Scale of a Project Management Candidate in Vermont

Vermont has almost 50 full-time job openings for project managers. At the senior level, Vermont offers eight opportunities. Burlington has the highest number of vacant positions for project managers. Most vacancies for project managers in this state are for mid-level positions. Nine jobs for project management professionals offer salaries in excess of 101,000 USD. However, all vacant positions for project management professionals offer more than 51,000 USD. Search latest Entry Level Project Management jobs in USA .
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