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Cerebra Consulting Inc Cerebra Consulting Inc
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Cerebra Consulting Inc is a System Integrator and IT Services Solution provider with a focus on Big Data, Business Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, Hyperion, Oracle Configurator, Oracle CPQ, Oracle PLM and Custom Application Development. Utilizing solid business experience, industry-specific expertise, and proven methodologies, we consistently deliver measurable results for our customers. Cerebra has partnered with leading enterprise software companies and cloud providers such as Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon and able to lev More...

A Quick Analysis of The Project Management jobs -Information Technology Industry In Mississippi

When it comes to area, Mississippi gets the 32nd rank among all states of the US. Whereas, in terms of population, Mississippi is ranked at number 34 among the states of the nation. The rate of unemployment in this state is among the highest in the entire country.View more IT jobs in Mississippi, MS . However, The Mississippi Department of Employment Security has left no stone unturned in trying to make things better and create more job opportunities. Mississippi doesn’t have a chamber of commerce for the entire state, and The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce oversees the association businesspeople in some regions of the state. The Information Technology industry in Mississippi is still in its nascent stages. A lot of growth is needed in this sector. However, the situation has improved gradually in recent years.

Detailed Insight into The Project Management Job Prerequisites

In the present era, Project Managers have gradually been recognized as professionals whose proficiency has a tremendous impact on the success and failure of various missions. Project Managers have made defining contributions by leading and managing all professionals in their team. Producing all the required deliverables is a complicated process, and Project Managers need to supervise each stage of the procedure. These professionals also have to monitor and regulate the use of resources to derive the maximum possible benefits.

Analyzing the Job Responsibilities of A Project Management Professional

Mississippi has almost 80 full-time jobs for Project Managers. Jackson is the city with the highest number of opportunities for project managers. There are 19 contractual positions available for project management professionals in this state. As per listings, ten part-time jobs are also available. The US Department of Agriculture is the organization with the highest number of vacant positions for Project Managers. Raytheon has eight vacancies for project managers. There are only five jobs available for senior project managers in Mississippi. However, almost 50 openings for mid-level project managers can be found in this state.
Salary Scale of A Project Management Professional in Mississippi
Project Management professionals can expect salaries in excess of 95,400 USD when they are looking for opportunities in this state. However, all of these positions are for senior and mid-level posts. At the entry-level, you may earn more than 50,000 USD as your yearly salary. All of these figures reflect that Mississippi needs to explore and improve when it comes to project management jobs. Check out promising Assistant Project Manager jobs waiting for you .
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