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Suncap Technology Inc Suncap Technology Inc
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Job Title: Project Program Manager Location: VI/Boise, ID (onsite only) Duration: 12 month contract Job Description: Minimum Qualifications: Collaboration/Team Player: has an ability to work with individuals in a variety of roles, skillsets, and backgrounds Growth mindset: has a willingness to learn through trying new things and learn/grow from experiences Communication: has a balance of interpersonal and technical communication style (both verbal & written) Domain knowledge: basic understanding of UX fundamentals and technology Empathy: has ability a More...

A Quick Analysis Of The Project Management Job Industry In Idaho

Idaho is situated in the northwestern region of the U.S. It is called the gem state as its economy mainly depends on the mining industry. The states that border Idaho are Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. It is one of the largest states of the U.S. Idaho Department of Commerce strives hard to create a favorable environment for business that creates better job opportunities in the state. The Department of labor of Idaho helps employees to cope up with the unstable job environment. The workforce of Idaho is considered to be a valuable resource that fosters the development of its economy.View more IT jobs in Idaho, ID . In Idaho, there are flourishing business opportunities, and it is ideal for entrepreneurs to establish start-ups in the state. There is a high demand for software professionals in the state. Tech-related job positions in Idaho have increased in the year 2018. This made it possible for the tech sector to contribute to its economy. Computer-related jobs are ranked as the highest paying jobs in Idaho. The job growth in the IT industry seems to be prospering as the majority of the investments are towards tech companies.

Detailed Insight Into The Project Management Job Prerequisites in Idaho

Project Management jobs seem to be a lucrative job option for the tech workforce in Idaho. Project Management is mainly concerned with delivering final products within the proposed budget and timeline. A project manager should possess the essential management skills required to manage a project in an organization. Collaborative skills are a must for a successful project manager. PMP and PMI RMP are the two necessary certifications to be done to get placed as a project manager with a high salary. Great communicators can become highly successful project managers.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A Project Manager in Idaho

A project manager should be ready to initiate, plan, execute, plan, and monitor a project. Highly experienced project managers should be able to increase the revenue of a project by reducing the overall cost of the project. They must express their ideas in the form of a project plan and must offer strategic solutions for critical issues faced in the project. A senior project manager should be in regular contact with third party stakeholders of the project.
Salary Scale Of A Project Manager In Idaho in Idaho
The average earnings per job in Idaho is about $102,106. The average salary of a project manager in the U.S is about $135, 264. The pay scale of project manager jobs in Idaho is influenced by various factors like experience, certifications, etc. The growth in innovation would create a sustainable and robust job market in Idaho. Check out promising Assistant Project Manager jobs waiting for you .
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