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Project Management Jobs in Delaware

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A Quick Analysis Of The Project Manager Job Industry In Delaware

Delaware, located in the southern part of the United States, is the 2nd smallest and 6th least populous state. It shares its border with Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Atlantic ocean. Nicknamed the diamond state, it has just three counties, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex. While Kent and Sussex have mostly been an agrarian society, New Castle is predominantly industrialized. The information technology sector is loaded with job opportunities. The Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce has spearheaded policies to make the business environment more conducive for investment. The state has seen the continuous growth of new companies increasing the opportunity for young skilled IT professionals.View and apply for similar IT jobs at Delaware, DE . Delaware Department of Labor intends to create talents who are ready to enter the tech industry. Zip Code William and OpenBracket are training programs that create such talents. The state has provided entrepreneurs with a space to grow their business. A cost-effective solution in incubators like 1313 Innovation and Delaware Technology Park has made the IT sector accessible to major companies as well as small startups. The tech sector contributes around $5 billion to the overall economy.

Detailed Insight Into The Project Management Skill Job Prerequisites in Delaware

Information Technology Manager or Project Manager is a mid to senior-level role that comes with various skills as its requisites. Every vertical of the IT sector requires a manager to lead the team. A project manager should have in-depth domain-specific knowledge. It could be core programming, networking, web development, or hardware. The candidate needs to have the necessary experience in the domain. A technical or business degree is a must. They need to have implemented any one of the project management methodologies. Knowledge in Agile, Lean, or six sigma will be great.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A Project Manager in Delaware

A project manager spearheads the team to achieve the requirements of the client. They develop and agree upon a project plan, and create tasks and allocate resources. They also define the roles and responsibilities of each resource in the team. Ensure the team adheres to the quality standards. Manage relationships with key stakeholders. It could be client, support teams, or vendors. They must ensure that the project management methodology is followed, including configuration and change management.
Salary Scale Of A Project Manager In Delaware
The annual pay scale of a project manager at the entry-level rounds off to $88,700 in a year. The yearly salaries of project manager jobs in Delaware can range between $139,957 to $ 71,600, depending on the experience they possess and skill in the field. The wages in the tech industry has seen a rise of 5 percent last year. It is the 14th highest in the nation. The tech wages are also 83% higher than the wages in the other sector. Apply for International Project Management jobs that promise a blooming career!
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