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A Quick Analysis Of The Information Technology Job Industry In New Mexico

New Mexico is a southwestern state in the US and is one of the mountain states. It shares its borders Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. Texas and Oklahoma are its other neighboring states. Santa Fe is the capital city, and Albuquerque is the largest city. Santa Fe is the hotbed for creative arts and culture.View and apply for similar IT jobs at New Mexico, NM . The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions is the state’s labor department. The department strives to provide the best working conditions for the state’s industrious workforce and serves as a liaison between the active workforce and its employers. It works passionately to ensure workforce protection for its citizens. The New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry is in an active endeavor to foster economic growth by engaging in various initiatives. The Chamber works diligently to create better opportunities for the New Mexico workforce and draft pro-business policies, to create a favorable environment for new businesses wanting to set up shop in the state as well as existing ones that are operating out of New Mexico. The state has virtually no risk of disruption from natural disasters. This natural advantage, combined with world-class educational and research facilities, low power costs, and multi-talented workforce, is the power behind the rapid growth of the information technology sector in the state. This is also the reason why top corporations such as Facebook is investing over $1B on a full-fledged data center fully powered by renewable energy. The state boasts of high-end talent in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, supercomputing, big data, cybersecurity, and imaging.

Detailed Insight Into The Oracle Apps Skill Job Prerequisites

Oracle Apps is a set of integrated applications that can assist businesses in automating their business processes to manage global systems effectively and reduce costs. Oracle has now pre-integrated a set of business intelligence applications with its E-Business Suite to offer the EBS customers with BI and analytics capabilities. Entry-level Oracle Apps consultants require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering or any such related disciplines. Knowledge of PL/SQL programming, forms, and reports are desirable competencies. Oracle Apps DBAs may require proven experience and expertise in Oracle Data Warehouse and DataMart.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of An Oracle Apps Candidate

Oracle Apps developers mainly work on creating and maintaining PL/SQL database objects to customize the various applications to suit the customer’s needs. They also create reports and forms that help the customer’s reporting needs. Oracle Apps DBAs hold the responsibility for the database design and security of the databases. They are also involved in monitoring and tuning the database performance and assist in general troubleshooting of database related issues.

Salary Scale Of An Oracle Apps Candidate In New Mexico

The median wages in technology industries in New Mexico is $83,000 per year approximately, and this is nearly 118% more than the average salary across all other industries in the state. Oracle Apps functional consultants earn in the range of $55,000 - $92,000 annually. The individual salaries differ according to the area of expertise and level of experience. New Mexico law permits the local government to provide the needed infrastructure to businesses to promote job creation. This implies more and more jobs for the New Mexico workforce, and skilled professionals may find the state an ideal place to relocate. Apply for top Oracle Apps Techno-Functional jobs from other US states and cities.
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