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A Quick Analysis of Information Technology Job Industry in Montana

Montana, located in the north of the Western United States, is one of the nine mountain states. North and South Dakota form its eastern borders, while Idaho borders with Montana in the west and southwest. Wyoming shares the southern border while three Canadian provinces flank the northern border. Montana is popularly nicknamed as ‘Big Sky Country’ and ‘The Treasure State.’Browse for some of the best IT careers in Montana, MT . The economy of the state is largely agricultural, but healthcare and govt sectors also contribute significantly. The Montana Department of Labor and Industry has pledged to develop and maintain a highly-skilled workforce. The Montana Chamber of Commerce advocates the promotion of economic development and is focussed on creating opportunities for business growth and prosperity in the Treasure State. The healthcare industry is expected to add the most jobs over the next ten years. The technical services industry is projected to be the second fastest-growing industry in terms of new jobs added. The State Information Technology Services is on a mission to empower citizens with state-of-the-art IT services that can make their lives easier. With such focussed effort from all departments, the growth story looks very promising over the coming years.

Detailed Insight Into The Mobile Application Developer Skill Job Prerequisites

A bachelor’s degree in software engineering, mobile application development, or mobile computing is the minimum desired qualifications that employers look for in potential candidates. Specialized training in the design of electronic equipment or programming applications for smartphones and other similar mobile devices will be a good value add.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities of a Mobile Application Developer Candidate

The primary responsibility of a mobile application developer is to build and maintain user-friendly applications that work across all platforms and supports all devices. They will be responsible for unit testing the developed applications to ensure usability and reliability under all test conditions. Documenting the operation of the program for the end-users is an added responsibility.

Salary Scale of A Mobile Application Developer Candidate in Montana

The hourly wage for mobile application developers can vary anywhere between $21 - $150 per hour. The annual salary falls in the range between $75,589 to $102, 006. The salaries are wide-ranged and are dependent on factors like the candidate’s portfolio, proficiency, and knowledge of other platforms. It was observed that the highest-paid mobile application developer could earn up to 107K annually. Apply for top Mobile Developer jobs from other US states and cities.
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