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The Senior Systems Programmer for Legacy Systems, for maintenance and support of Z/OS systems, is responsible for planning and upgrading the systems on a County-established basis, verifying the health of all systems, and making necessary changes as required. This includes analyzing the issues reported by development teams making necessary recommendations; planning and designing systems architecture; working with customers to test applications post-upgrade; ensuring software is compatible with operating systems; upgrading hardware in a timely manner with minimum downtime wi More...

Exploring The Information Technology Job Industry In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is situated in the state of California. LA is a global city and is ranked 6th in the Global Cities Index and 9th in the Global Economic Power Index. The economy of LA is primarily composed of international trade, entertainment, technology, petroleum, tourism, Fashion, and Apparel. Major corporations like Google, Apple, and Netflix are located in Los Angeles.Browse Tech job listings in California .

A Quick Understanding Of The Mainframe Skill Job Prerequisites

Mainframe computers are mainly used for business purposes, where a massive amount of data is stored and processed. They are larger than mini computers and smaller than supercomputers. Mainframes are manufactured by large companies like IBM, Amdahl, and Hitachi. Mainframe runs commercial applications of Fortune 1000 businesses and other large companies.

Investigating The Job Responsibilities Of A Mainframe Candidate

The job responsibilities of a mainframe developer include review, analyze and modify programming systems including encoding, testing, debugging, and installing mainframe systems; and, to work with project members to develop diagrams and flowcharts according to specifications.

Evaluating The Salary Scale Of A Mainframe Candidate In Los Angeles

Different factors that determine wages are experience, skill, experience, and company size. The average salary of a mainframe developer is $73,744. Browse Mainframe Analyst jobs in USA .
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