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A Quick Analysis Of The Java Job Industry In Montana

Part of the mountainous region of the US, Montana, is located in the north-west. Unofficially known by monikers like The Treasure State and the Land of the Shining Mountains, it is the 4th largest state in the United States as per the area. Besides the 4 US states, Montana shares its borders with three provinces of Canada – Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Diving into the Information Technology industry in Montana shows four occupations with maximum openings. They are Computer Programmers; Software Developers, Applications; Computer Systems Analysts and Computer and Information Systems ManagersBrowse for some of the best IT careers in Montana, MT . The Montana Department of Labor & Industry says that the top locations for IT jobs in the state are Billings, Missoula and Bozeman. The Chamber of Commerce of the state has been creating and sustaining a supportive business climate for tech firms to give Montana economy a boost. The difference is already visible through the average wages per job. While every other industry in the state pays an annual average salary of $41,775, high-tech companies in Montana shell out an average annual salary of $68,554. That’s about 60% higher!

Detailed Insight Into Java Skill Job Prerequisites in Montana

The skill most needed in a Java Developer is problem solving and analysis because the role requires finding solutions. Academic background and a certain number of years’ experience in software technology like Java, Portal, Oracle, Hibernate, Eclipse, WebSphere, JSF, etc. are also necessary. Familiarity with Play or Akka framework is required at a higher level along with experience in the following: • Scala • Zookeeper • Storm • Apache Spark

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A Java Developer in Montana

The role of a Java Developer is to create application code using the language on the basis of system algorithms and design documents. The responsibility includes all aspects such as: • Environment Configuration • Proper Testing Procedures • High-Performance Design • Caching Mechanisms • State Management • Error Logging • Scalability Lastly, it is the job of Java Developer to be wholly organized and productive even when the position demands several deliverables simultaneously.
Salary Scale Of Java Programmer In Montana
The average salary earned by a Java candidate increases with skill and experience, but typically a Java Software Engineer is paid $80,000 in a year. A Java Programmer is compensated $77,254 a year at the entry-level. The actual salary range for Java jobs in Montana can be as low as $22,500 or as high as $132,500. Apply for top J2ee jobs from other US states and cities.
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