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Title: Software engineer Location: Louisville, KY Required Experience/Skills: Bachelor's Degree or higher in Engineering (Software, Electrical, Electrical & Computer) or equivalent experience 5+ years of work experience in a software development team Strong working experience in C Working knowledge of Linux operating systems Strong understanding of IP network topology and design Role and Responsibilities: Maintain and support existing products written in C and C++ Design, code, test, debug, configure, and document software on Linux-like pla More...

A Quick Analysis Of The Information Technology Job Industry In Kentucky

Kentucky, also known by the name Bluegrass State is located in the south-east region of the United States. The state got this name from the rich Bluegrass grown in the pastures of Kentucky. With numerous manufacturing factories, sophisticated services available at Kentucky State make it prosperous and wealthy.Explore Information Technology jobs in Kentucky, KY . Kentucky Chamber of Commerce works to bring in prosperity to the State and provide quality life to all people in Kentucky. It also supports initiatives that will improve the economy and social well being of those living in the state. Kentucky Labor Cabinet has been successful in maintaining workplace standards and enforcing relevant wage and hour laws to safeguard the welfare of the workforce in the state. The information technology sector has contributed 3.4 percent, i.e., $6.5 billion to the overall economy of the State. Kentucky has more than 50,793 technology sector employees. The state has shown a steady growth of jobs in IT services, R&D and testing labs, computer systems design, and engineering services.

Detailed Insight Into The Embedded systems Skill Job Prerequisites

Embedded systems developers must have experience in handling DAQs, multimeters, oscilloscopes, and equipment that are used to troubleshoot, analyze, and measure electrical systems. In addition, the developer must be familiar with Solidworks, AutoCAD for hardware designing. An expert in embedded systems must have in-depth knowledge of running frameworks such as AWS, Azure, IBM Watson, and Google Cloud Platform and IoT devices. The embedded systems developer must also know to analyze and process data using Python, Matlab, and Excel. Technical documentation skills will be an added advantage, for it can help the embedded systems developer write research proposals for receiving grants.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of An Embedded systems Developer

One of the job responsibilities may require the embedded systems developer to connect systems utilizing IoT to generate data source for a business at all levels. In addition to this, the embedded systems developer must be able to update data regularly so that it will be available in the data generated in real-time and help the system to run smoothly. An embedded system developer must know to maintain both the performance and quality of the generated data as the embedded systems are used for definite purposes.

Salary Scale Of An Embedded systems Developer In Kentucky

Many people are not aware of the rewarding opportunities in Embedded Systems. In the United States, the embedded systems developer can earn an average salary of $87,400. Embedded systems jobs in Kentucky can draw an average salary of $78,389 annually. Spot some of the most desired Embedded Systems Engineer jobs in US .
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