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DBA Job Openings in West Virginia

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A Quick Analysis Of The Information Technology Job Industry In West Virginia

West Virginia, being a part of the Mid-Atlantic Southwest district is encompassed by states like Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. Charleston is the capital city. It ranks 38th in terms of population. The state leads in chemical industries and has diversified fields like aerospace, automobile, telecommunications, forestry, health care, education, and tourism. Virginia's contribution to the economic growth of the nation has been on the lower side, but there is a gradual increase in GDP from the year 2018. Cities like Charleston and Kanawha county have IT-based companies.Check out promising IT job listings in West Virginia, WV . WV Division of Labor is responsible for creating more job openings in every industrial sector. There are many IT job openings available in the state like IT Analyst, Front end development, C# development, CRM manager jobs, and VMWare Engineer. Along with these roles, associated software fields also exist in the state. The West Virginia Chamber aims to provide an environment that enables businesses to grow, and create abundant job opportunities for quality employees.

Detailed Insight Into The DBA Skill Job Prerequisites

The Database Administrator job is all about handling massive data structures and maintaining integrity within it. An important responsibility of this role is to avoid inconsistency and loss of data in the future. The candidate should maintain data standards for the efficient functioning of the databases. The ability to foresee future problems and taking steps to rule them out at the very beginning is the best way to handle this job. Applying critical thinking aptitudes at the right time to decrease the hazard brought by any system failure helps the team to be progressively effective. Handling multiple tasks like quality analysis, checking on audit logs, and performance monitoring is essential.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of DBA

Assuring data security must be a DBAs primary goal. A clear understanding of the software tools used in saving the data can help to execute suitable practices for reducing dangers. Assigning the perfect authentication to the employees and the users can minimize breaches in the data. A DBAs knowledge about current data levels and the growth of the organization helps in capacity planning for the future. A constant responsibility of a DBA is upgrading the database for higher efficiency and ease of use. Understanding the different monitoring tools in the market and applying the tools in necessary places helps to reduce data redundancy and makes the system efficient. DBAs should be available at all times to troubleshoot once he/she knows there is a loss in data. Effective troubleshooting using a backup helps to reduce critical loss in business.

Salary Scale Of a DBA In West Virginia

According to a recent analysis, many companies like Deloitte and Accenture offer a reasonable salary for the DBA role. Pay for the basic analyst level ranges from $51000 - $100000. Salary for Manager level ranges from $72,600 - $135,500. The constant increase in GDP shows more employment is possible in the following years. View and apply for similar Senior DBA jobs waiting for you .
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