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A Quick Analysis Of The Database Administrator Job Industry In Utah

Known as the Beehive State, Utah is located in the western half of the United States. It ranks 30th in terms of population and 13th in terms of area. The state is bordered by Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. The majority of urban development is found in the regions of Washington County and the Wasatch Front. The capital city, Salt Lake City, is also the largest city in the state. As of 1918, the state is divided into 29 counties.Search for exciting IT job openings in Utah, UT . The Utah State Chamber Association, by promoting the business climate through collaboration, sharing of information and training, aims to create the best business environment in the United States. The Utah Labor Commission acts as the first point of contact for employees and employers concerning issues relating to labor laws. Recent reports show that the state of Utah's tech economy is growing by leaps and bounds. The state's economy is positively aided by the growth of tech firms. Some other major industries of the state include salt production, mining, and cattle ranching.

Detailed Insight Into The DBA Skill Job Prerequisites

To begin a career as a DBA, the minimum requirement is to have a bachelor's degree in either information technology or computer science. An important skill to acquire is a functional understanding of database systems and database languages like SQL, Oracle 11g, Sybase, etc. Completing a certification program and an internship bodes well and will help you stand out from the crowd. Since the job requires a DBA to resolve complex issues, having a passion for problem-solving and a keen eye for attention to detail is an essential trait to have. A DBA has to work in a team, and having exceptional communication skills is a necessity.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A DBA Candidate

Essentially, a DBA is a gatekeeper of data in the organization. They are accountable for managing, storing, organizing and securing the data of an organization. Some of the primary responsibilities include identifying the information management requirements of the organization and designing a database accordingly. Installation of new databases, maintenance of existing databases and also transferring data from one database to another when required. They must also implement recovery and backup plans to avoid any data loss in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Most importantly, they need to provide access to only authorized personnel and prevent anyone else from accessing the database.

Salary Scale Of A DBA Candidate in Utah

Database administrators are some of the highest-paid professionals in the industry. The median pay for a DBA is about $87,000 with salaries going as high as $156,000. Factors like location, skill, and experience also play a part in the pay package of a DBA. Apply for top DBA Manager jobs from other US states and cities.
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