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A Quick Analysis Of The Database Administrator Job Industry In Oregon

Oregon is one of the most geographically rich and diverse states in the U.S. Lying in the Pacific Northwest region on the West Coast, Oregon's landscape is dotted with volcanoes, water bodies, dense forests, deserts, and arid shrublands. The capital of Oregon is Salem, and Portland is the largest city in the state. Oregon's abundant landscapes and waterways have given way to various forms of agriculture, fishing industries, and hydroelectric power stations.Check out promising IT job listings in Oregon, OR . The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit association that represents more than 80 local chambers of commerce in the state. It supports both big and small businesses in the state and represents the state's economy in the nation's capital. Supporting and guiding the workforce of Oregon is the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. Apart from protecting worker's rights and enforcing labor laws, the Bureau also provides services to assist employers and employees in the state. With the establishment of the Silicon Forest, technology has gained a stronghold in Oregon. It is home to data centers of Google, Facebook, and Amazon and also the home to the company headquarters of Nike and Adidas. Intel Corporation has been a significant employer in Oregon since 1974.

Detailed Insight Into The DBA Skill Job Prerequisites

Database Admins are essentially the gatekeepers and maintainers of the zillions of data that is being collected every day on a technical basis. Hence, it is imperative that DBA candidates possess the skills needed to handle the job. Some of the skills are as follows: • Hands-on experience with Microsoft SQL Server • An in-depth understanding of SQL's advanced capabilities combined with technical acumen. • Ability to perform mission-critical functions. • Experience with performance, tuning, and optimization using monitoring and troubleshooting tools. • Expertise in High Availability and Disaster Recovery options in SQL Server.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A DBA Candidate

The job of a DBA can be demanding and complex, and he/she will be required to be sharp and energetic to deliver responsibilities and roles that include: • Planning and Implementing application and data provisioning. • Transferring of database information to integrated mobile devices. • Ensuring the availability of data and being accountable for data integrity. • Ensuring the highest level of security for sensitive data. • Designing data distribution and data archiving solutions.

Salary Scale Of A DBA Candidate In Oregon

Career growth of a DBA is different from other jobs within the I.T. industry. It is a field that consistently has something new to teach as the software and platforms are ever-changing. DBA jobs in Oregon pay wages that range from an average of $71,000 to $129,000 annually. View and apply for similar Database Administrator jobs waiting for you .
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