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A Quick Analysis Of The Database Administrator Job Industry In Kansas

The state of Kansas, named after the Kansas River, lies in the heart of the US. Bordered by Nebraska in the north, Missouri in the east, Colorado in the west and Oklahoma in the south, Kansas also goes by several nicknames like “The Free State” and Sunflower State. Topeka is the capital city, and Kansas City is the largest metropolitan area. Kansas is largely an agricultural state, with more than 80% of its land being utilized for the same purpose. Besides agriculture, the state is influenced by the aircraft and transportation industries. Kansas is also ranked 8th in producing US petroleum products. The Kansas Chamber of Commerce and the Kansas Department of Labor are representatives of the state’s commercial wing and workforce, respectively. Both these organizations are forces to reckon with. They work with a strong sense of dedication in supporting what they represent and take great efforts to implement initiatives to make Kansas economically stronger with a robust workforce. The Information Technology Security Council of Kansas recommends and reviews policies, guidelines, and best practices for the overall security of the IT industry, its infrastructure, and data within the Kansas state government.Spot some of the most desired Kansas, KS IT jobs .

Detailed Insight Into The DBA Skill Job Prerequisites in Kansas

The state of Kansas has a conducive environment for aspiring DBAs who are also equipped with the necessary skill sets. Companies prefer candidates who are experienced in MS SQL Server Administration and Performance Tuning and Optimization. Additionally, the capability to create back up and restoring databases using Avamar Backup Client and possessing troubleshooting strategies using Microsoft BIDS and Visual Studio are also essential skills that are expected from a talented DBA.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A DBA Candidate in Kansas

There are no limitations on the roles and responsibilities shouldered by a DBA. From the word “GO,” the DBA is required to don many hats and be a Jack of all trades. The DBA is responsible for configuring and maintaining all database servers and processes. Apart from ensuring the security and availability of the database, the DBA also has to analyze and solve issues relating to the database. Maintaining backup and effective restoration of data is one responsibility that the DBA cannot be careless about. The DBA is also responsible for conducting scheduled and regular maintenance check-ups to keep things running without a hitch.
Salary Scale Of A DBA Candidate In Kansas
Salary estimates for a DBA job in the Sunflower State range from $50,000 to $90,000 annually. With more full-time jobs DBA jobs available in the present scenario in Kansas, companies are ready to offer an estimated minimum wage of $59,000 up to a maximum of $99,000 for mid-level employees. See more Entry Level DBA jobs in US .
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