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DBA Jobs in Delaware

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A Quick Analysis Of DBA Job Industry In Delaware

Delaware is the second smallest state in the U.S after Rhode Island. It is enclosed by Pennsylvania in the north, the Delaware River in the East, and Maryland in the west and south. A perfect arc defines the area that lies between Delaware and Pennsylvania. This area is also popularly known as The Twelve Mile Circle. As per a study by Phoenix Marketing International made in 2013, Delaware had a ninth-largest number of millionaires in the U.S. The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce has been committed to serving the business community of Delaware since 1837. The Chamber comes up with new innovative initiatives to improve businesses and attract new investment into the state.View and apply for similar IT jobs at Delaware, DE . Similarly, the State of Delaware-Department of Labor is involved in employment programs, free consultation, and youth services to improve the quality of the labor force of the state. The IT sector has been expanding consistently, and it is committed to training more deserving and talented techies. The Delaware Technology Park is vital in providing places to aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses. The Data Science Institute was established in 2018, where faculty and students are involved in developing futuristic methods to predict future trends for business, medicine, industry, and government.

Detailed Insight Into The DBA Skill Job Prerequisites in Delaware

The nature of a DBA job is complex, demanding, and requires exceptional skills of multitasking. In a nutshell, the DBA must be a Jack of all trades. Complete knowledge of ERP applications like SAP, PeopleSoft, etc. is essential because homegrown databases are different. Hence, a comprehensive understanding of the impact of ERP applications is vital. DBA’s also need to upgrade their technical skills. Knowledge of software and applications like XML, CGI, JAVA, SSL, Ruby on Rails, etc. are essential skill sets.

Analyzing The Job Responsibilities Of A DBA Candidate in Delaware

The DBA has to collaborate with other sysadmins to create and maintain the databases. Apart from installing the latest versions of Oracle’s RDBMS, the DBA must also have a strategic backup plan to recover the Oracle database. He/she must also ensure that all application design and code is done with the utmost diligence, security, and functions while conforming to all rules and regulations.
Salary Scale Of A DBA Candidate In Delaware
Delaware has quite a few number of job opportunities for DBA’s, but there is no compromise made on the pay package. Salary estimates range from $87,000 to $107,000 annually. Full-time mid-level jobs pay handsome wages of $ 107,000. The minimum wage for the same category is $92,000. Check out promising Senior Database Administrator jobs waiting for you .
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