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Popular Datawarehousing ETL Jobs in Durham, NC

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Exploring The Information Technology Job Industry In Durham

Durham is situated in the Durham county of North Carolina. Recognized institutions like Duke University and NorthCarolina Central University are located in Durham. It is also famous for health-related activities. Farragut Systems and Small Biz TLC are few IT companies located here.Search latest North Carolina IT jobs .

A Quick Understanding Of The Data warehousing ETL Skill Job Prerequisites

A Data Warehouse is a storehouse of corporate information and data derived from multiple sources. The data is extracted from operational systems and various external sources into a single area that is transformed according to business needs and stored into the warehouse. The insurance sector makes use of data warehousing to analyze data patterns, customer trends, and tracking market movements.

Investigating The Job Responsibilities Of A Data warehousing ETL Candidate

The Data Warehousing candidate should have an understanding of database optimization concepts and data warehousing architecture, from tools to data quality to orchestration software. An ideal candidate should have a degree in IT systems, Computer science, engineering or statistics, and experience of working with databases and data modeling.

Evaluating The Salary Scale Of A Data warehousing ETL Candidate In Durham

The average salary for a Data Warehouse Engineer is $107,359 per year in the United States. Search latest Data Warehousing Engineer jobs in USA .
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