Young Indian Entrepreneur Conclave - Delhi 2010

It was Prabakaran’s session next. Prabakaran is the founder of[Now], a tech job site in US. Meeting Prabakaran refreshed my memories of interview with Narayan Murthy. Just like him, Prabakaran is also just so simple yet so inspiring. He captivated the audience not only with his own story but with his thoughts on entrepreneurship as well. I loved his idea of 3 P’s. He shared that an entrepreneur must have these 3P’s in order to succeed:Passion, Persistence and Patience. Passion for his/her idea, Persistence towards making it happen and Patience to see it work. Another thought of his which inspired me as a person was to “START IT NOW” or it’s never. Most of us are afraid of taking risks, and thus never dare to start. But the fact is if you are thinking of entrepreneurship, you start it either now or you do it never.

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