Silicon India lists [Now] as one of the top 100 technology companies in US

Silicon India Top 100 Technology Companies

Every year, Silicon India selects top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in U.S. The companies are carefully selected by a panel of experts from various fields.

We are proud to announce that has been selected and honored as one of the top 100 companies for the year 2010. Apart from being recognized as one in top 100, has also been listed as the top ten Internet companies for the year 2010.

"This year has seen a promising number of technology companies created by Indians in U.S. who have successfully glided through the economically challenged environment. Silicon India's si100 listing stands to recognize this continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship in high-tech," says Harvi Sachar, CEO of Silicon India.

Apart from Internet, there are 10 other categories which include Software, IT Services, OPD (outsourced product development), Wireless, Mobile, Semiconductor, Clean Tech, Security, Networking and BPO. The list of companies reveals the contribution of Indians towards the growth of the technology industry in US. has been in the technology industry since 2007 and has been helping in minimizing the work for both job seekers and the recruiters. In the past 4 years, has helped thousands of job seekers to find a good career in IT industry.

The complete list of top 100 technology companies can be viewed here: