Rocking in Recession: Contracting Agencies show the way

In its first Annual National Conference, Corp-Corp Inc, a high growth portal for IT consulting and staffing companies, empanelled leading CEOs and business heads from government contracting companies who delivered a resounding message: the recession is a great time to focus on the largest spender in the world-the US Government. With an annual budget of over $400 billion, the Government will listen to the right agency, large or small, assured the speakers.

Speaking to a crowded audience at the George Mason University, where the conference was hosted by Corp-Corp Inc, Sanjay Puri from Optimos, Anil Patibandla from Nortel Government Solutions, and Ravi Dunkanikoti encouraged the service providers to focus on three critical issues:

  • Finding the right value proposition in product or solutions that could be offered to the Government.
  • Enabling the contracting agency companies find new opportunities within existing engagements.
  • Exploring ways to improve existing processes to find engagement opportunities.

More than 100 executives from various IT companies attended this conference, many from CA, MI, IL, TX, NJ, NY, DE, PA flew in to attend the full-day session and came away with deep insights.

Tom Johnson, CEO of outlined the complex federal procurement process and how vendors could look for new opportunities and bid for them in a timely manner. Roger Laplante Senior Partner of Government Certification Specialist's Inc clarified the 8A edibility criteria and the process involved in the approval roadmap set out by the SBA.

Prabakaran Murugaiah, CEO of [Now] showcased the innovative FETCH technology that empowers companies to find and match available resources to specific roles and job requirements. FETCH results are different from typical keyword-based search process; companies can find the best resources or find opportunities for their consultants without a single resume search or a job search. The FETCH technology will do the match and notify the available Jobs in less than 30 seconds. The annual conference Corp-Corp organizes is a great opportunity for consulting firms to meet in person and create highly beneficial relationships with others.

Many of the participants also agreed that in-person meeting during such conferences helps a lot, as it takes weeks and months to schedule an appointment to meet and learn.
Siva Shankar, CEO Edify Technologies expressed his happiness that he met his business partner in this conference after 7 years and re-established the relationship.

Murugaiah plans to continue to host similar conferences across many cities in the U.S., and empower the consulting companies to create robust, profitable relationships.

Our next conference will be in Dallas, TX (Jan-16) and Houston, TX (Jan-17).

Ravi Dankanikote, Vice President, CACI International Inc,
Prabakaran Murugaiah, CEO,[Now],
Anil Patibandla, Vice President, Nortel Government Solutions,
Sanjay Puri, President, US India Business Alliance (USIBA)

Participants at the venue

Press Release -
15-November-2008 - Fairfax, VA