Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder & CEO of [Now] live interview on Sitaarre TV

Prabakaran Murugaiah, founder and CEO of [Now] was interviewed by Sitaarre TV for Tech talk. as a technology job portal for IT consulting and contract jobs, "Our unique technology matches the job with the right candidate in 30 seconds. So, recruiters can find the right candidates and employers can hire quickly using our platform" Says Prabakaran.

The two key differentiations which make a unique job portal are the unique FETCH technology that matches and connect the right job with the right candidate and eliminates the search process in near real time. is highly focusing on consulting and contract job market, he added.

When asked how he got the idea to start this company, he replies "when not many jobs are available, especially during the downturn job seekers are spending a lot of time searching for a job. At the same time, the recruiters are also having difficulty in finding the right people. So, I thought of finding a technology solution; how do we eliminate the search process for the candidate and how do we eliminate the search process for the recruiter? If there is a software in between which can do an automated matching, that can save a lot of time and at the same time, find the right candidates and put them in the job market pretty quickly. That's the idea behind the software and the platform."

"Most of the technology software keeps changing, new versions are coming in and they are coping up with the new market demand." says Prabakaran Murugaiah, "What happens is, there will be a lot of permanent resources from the company. But when there is an upgrade required, they may need two or three consultants for short time, to implement new software or to add new features. So, there is always a demand for temporary technology workers who are highly specialized in that particular technology and who can come and solve the problems in upgrading the system. That is the consultant market."

He further describes the consultants work as a flexible one, which allows to even work from home, as the project they work on usually requires hours and hours of work on a day and they don't have to be in the work place all of the time.

He gives three essential tips for technology job seekers:

  • Technology consultants must be up to date with the new technology, new versions of the products.
  • They must regularly read the technology blogs to know what is new in the IT world and which technology is in much demand. regularly publishes the market report of IT skills and they can be a good source of information.
  • They should not neglect consulting jobs. Even though the jobs are temporary, it is more likely that they will be made as permanent employee if they prove that they are skillful. conducts networking events and job fairs to allow recruiters to meet other recruiters and active candidates.

For a candidate's resume to stand out among the pile of resumes, he insists on sending a cover letter along with it which is more targeted for the particular requirement. He also insists on showing positive attitude, especially during the phone interviews.

He also answers the most important question that IT consultants and students might have: 'Which technology skill is in high demand'. He says that since new versions come up for all technologies, there is always a good demand and need of people for every IT skills. He mentions Mobile computing, Cloud computing and Networking in particular as fast growing technologies. He says that these three skills are in good demand right now.

Prabakaran Murugaiah plans to grow as a global talent network that allows anyone from anywhere as part of global team and implement projects worldwide.