IT Contract Jobs continue to show positive trends

IT Consulting & Contract Jobs Report Q4-2008 through Q3-2009

Finally, there are some signs of hope and positive news from the job market despite the reportedly increasing unemployment rate, temporary jobs specifically IT contracting jobs (Programming Jobs, software jobs), are showing a positive growth trend over the past several months.

Prabakaran Murugaiah, CEO, [Now] remarks that this is a long-term positive sign, for when the economy heads upward, many of these temporary jobs will be converted into permanent jobs, eventually arresting the unemployment rate. Hiring freeze, budget restrictions, and uncertainty in the economy are some of the major factors that force employers to hire contractors first, rather than full time employees. This is an encouraging sign for the unemployed professionals to consider short term contract jobs that will pave the way to secure either long term contracts or permanent jobs.

Key findings from this analysis:

  • There is an overall improvement in the IT consulting jobs market
  • Consistent growth over month by month
    Quarterly Job Report
  • Current data projects a strong growth of over 6% in the first quarter of next year (2010)
  • Top 10 states where more number of IT contracts jobs are available
    California (CA), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Texas (TX), Illinois (IL),
    Pennsylvania (PA), Virginia (VA), Massachusetts (MA), Minnesota (MN), Georgia (GA)
    Jobs by State
  • Top 5 skills where demand is increasing
    Project Management, Data Warehousing/ETL, Mainframe, Business Analyst, .NET
    Jobs by Skills

Jobs Distribution by Skills:

Jobs Distribution

Quarterly IT Consulting Report

This report is compiled from contract positions and resumes posted at [Now] for IT consulting and contracting positions from 2008-Q4 to 2009-Q3. TechFetch analyzes over 150,000 jobs posted by over 1000 employers across the U.S. to compile this report. These statistics are specific to IT consulting opportunities posted at

IT staffing and consulting industry is a $200 billion marketplace, where over 10% of IT professionals are either consultants or working as independent contractors through various staffing agencies.


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