IT Consulting Job Demand Increases with Economic Rebound

IT Consulting Jobs Market Trend Report Q4 2008 to Q2 2009

One of the best arguments for the longevity of the current economic rebound is temporary hiring. Many employers that cut back to bare bones staff during the worst of the recession are now beginning to hire contract workers. Full time regular employment will not pick up until, corporate management believes there is sustainable growth in the US economy, but they are willing to spend on contract positions. Our analysis shows strong growth in the IT consulting job openings over the last several months with projected growth of at least 6% in the next quarter.

Jobs Trending

Key findings from this analysis include:

  • IT Consulting jobs have been a bright spot in the economy even during the worst economic news.
  • IT consulting jobs increased over 4% growth from Q1 to Q2 this year. All current signs, including a spike in new job listings in May, points to 6% projected growth in Q3.

Jobs Trending

States showing Progress

Geographically, the strongest contract job growth is in CA, NJ, NY, TX and the DC Metro Area.

While CA continues to lead with the greatest number of IT jobs, the DC Metro Area is showing the strongest growth in the nation in response to continued tech spending by the Obama administration on the Stimulus Act and on transparency in government initiatives.

Jobs by States

IT Skills in demand

IT Skills with the strongest demand continue to include System Admin/Networking, Java/J2EE, SAP, DotNet/VB/ASP/C# and Oracle Apps.

Jobs Distribution

Quartely IT Consulting Report

This report is compiled from contract positions and resumes posted at [Now] for IT consulting and contracting positions from 2008-Q4 to 2009-Q2. TechFetch analyzes over 150,000 jobs posted by over 750 employers and resumes from over 50,000 consultants across the US to compile this report. These statistics are specific to IT consulting opportunities posted at and may not reflect the overall IT market or skills.

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