Job Description :

TECHNOGEN, Inc. is a Proven Leader in providing full IT Services, Software Development and Solutions for 15 years.


TECHNOGEN is a Small & Woman Owned Minority Business with GSA Advantage Certification. We have offices in VA; MD & Offshore development centers in India. We have successfully executed 100+ projects for clients ranging from small business and non-profits to Fortune 50 companies and federal, state and local agencies.

Position: Technical Writer

Location: Remote

Duration: 400 hours for 10 weeks

Job Description:

Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS). ERS requires the services of a technical writer to assist with documenting our current processing of Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) data and creating specifications for rewrite of the processing code. We estimate this work to take 10 weeks and use 400 work hours. All work will be remote or from the vendor's site.

Currently the processing of data acquired from the ARMS is done using SAS programs. The resulting outputs are refined datasets for our Farm Income team and additional researchers (both inside and outside of ERS). There are several issues we have identified:

  • Lack of documentation and up-to-date metadata information
  • The code for processing the data is in several separate programs and we are not sure how they all interact together or if there is a processing order that must be maintained
  • We see evidence of obsolete tasks in the code that do not need to be there

Project Approach
For this project, we will review the current code and documents to assess the current inputs, outputs, and code with the objective being to identify what tasks the program performs. Once we have that information, we will then look for places where we can streamline the processing. Then we will begin a rewrite in R. We will specify and document what the code needs to do, the business logic involved, and the acceptance criteria.


  • Meet via MS Teams or Zoom with the ERS team tasked with the rewrite to help them create specifications and acceptance criteria
  • Document the specifications and acceptance criteria for the rewrite

Project Objectives

  1. To document the inputs and the outputs of the current program and the role/importance each piece has in the process.
  2. To create metadata files for incoming raw microdata variables, all calculated variables, and any linked outside variables brought into the current dataset
  3. To create specifications and acceptance criteria for the upcoming rewrite of the current code


  1. Metadata document (in MS Word and/or MS Excel) that details the current inputs and the output dataset that results from the processing of the ARMS data
  2. A specifications document (in MS Word) for the rewrite along with acceptance criteria


Kevin Kristoff

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist




4229 Lafayette Center Dr, Suite 1880, Chantilly, VA 20151


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