Job Description :
TDM (Test Data Management) Solution Architect with Delphix experience Work Location: San Antonio, TX Required Skill& Experience: 1. Strengthen Test Data practices of the Team - Analyze existing test data capabilities & Conduct a gap analysis and document- i. What test data can be automatically generated/created/setup ii. What test data needs to be manufactured 2. Identify Test Data Needed i. Investigate and document different types of test data, synthetic creation (via test data APIs), production data download (via Delphix or other TDM solution creating a gold copy from production if it is system/vendor or tech stack not supported by Delphix), or Services Virtualization. a .Determine and document when to use synthetic vs. virtual test data ii. Document were data cannot be provisioned a. Document evidence of why data provisioning is needed iii. Document linkage to Critical Data Elements (CDEs) tracking iv. Identify and patterns of when each type of test data manufacturing option should be used (based on use case) 3. Identify and document Bank Infrastructure Requirements to support test data needs and operational reporting with uat test execution roadmap i. Assess infrastructure needed to support test data manufacturing options previously identified ii. Develop detailed design (i.e. UAT controls, SDLC, operational reporting) for the infrastructure needed to support test data manufacturing a. Inclusive of current infrastructure as well as alternative recommendations previously identified