Job Description :
Role- AEM Admin


Looking for AEM Administrator, who would be responsible for technical administration and management of AEM. AEM Administrator will provide leadership, direction and coordination with AEM Engineer. Position is part of DevOps organization that will work closely with engineering team and would also be managing AEM in AWS infrastructure.


• 6+ Years of experience in software engineering, including at least 3 years with AEM 6.x and 2 years participation on non-CMS projects

• Strong experience with AEM DAM and Workflows, thorough knowledge with implementing Web Content Authoring, Production, Configuration, Publishing, site architecture, integration with Web services (SOAP and REST)

• Strong command of AEM capabilities, and broad familiarity with Adobe Marketing Cloud product suite

• Thorough exposure of the end-to-end content lifecycle, web content management, content publishing / deployment and delivery processes

• Hands on experience in AEM Admin tasks, including installing AEM in Author, Publish and dispatcher Mode, Sling status, creation of audit reports and configuration AEM in http request

• Experience with maintaining an AEM implementation, specifically around performance tuning, debugging and fixing issues, taking and understanding thread and heap dumps, knowledge of various AEM admin consoles.

• Experienced with developing Components using Sightly, Templates using Custom Xtype in Widgets, OSGI bundles

• Experience with WCM, CMS, CRXDE, CRXDE Lite, OSGI Framework, JCR, Apache sling, DAM

• Experience of front end development (MVC) and understanding about AEM integration

• Experienced and deeply knowledgeable about custom AEM reusable components, Widgets, Templates, Widgets on top of JCR and Apache Sling (9 Implicit Objects), Apache Jackrabbit CRX and AEM

• Strong programming experience in .Net/J2EE/Java, JSP, Sightly, Servlets, Struts, Spring, Web services, ANT, Maven, HTML5, XML, CSS, EJB, JSON, JMS, JDBC, RWD, Oracle

• Experience with publishing content via REST APIs, and evolving APIs whilst minimizing disruption to API consumers

• Experienced in migrating content from one CMS solution to another, and from lower to higher versions within a given solution. Experienced in solving for content mapping, content integrity, cutover mechanics, namespace issues, etc.

• Good understanding about version control (SVN/TFS/GIT)

• Ability to build new Jenkins Job for the new AEM instances is a plus

• Knowledge on the Adobe Experience Manager administration activities such as User permissions/creations with LDAP synchronization, sling setting status, creation of audit reports, dispatcher setup, code and configuration management and others.

• Setup and maintain administration activities such as workflows, publishing permissions, roles, templates and components

• Experience with Apache Web Server configurations.

• Experience with Linux server environments.

• Work with the JCR to pull reporting information or script changes.

• Ability to script activities that is repeatable across AEM environments