Job Description :
  1. Certified Product Owner / manager
  2. Technical Acumen – No coding but need to understand the technology dimensions(Challenge the tech team)


    1. why can’t we reuse the existing API? Why we need new one.
    2. Table design why do u have all these records in the same table? Is it the right approach?
    3. What is tableau , why it is used for? When to use Charts vs Tableau?
    4. Validating UI requirements, giving nonfunctional specs, Response time, Error scenarios
    5. Knowledge of APIs, when to use batch vs real time, Error scenarios
    6. Proficient in SQL
  1. Owning end to end of the product, wearing multiple hats as SM, PO etc
  2. Communication and smartness to handle variety of team is a must. They will deal with Biz team, Engineering(API, UI, Data), Data science, Back office Offshore team, UX, UAT team, Architecture etc.
  3. Experience building Data and Analytics product would be an added advantage, especially web products.
  4. Knowledge of end-to-end product management(Ideation till production launch)

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