Job Description :

Bachelor’ s degree in computer science, or related field

*span style=" background-color:#FFFF00" > 5+ years of experience in MS-SQL Database Administration required/span>

span style=" background-color:#FFFF00" >* 1+ years of experience in Oracle Database Administration/span>

*span style=" background-color:#FFFF00" > Demonstrated strong proficiency of T-SQL is required/span>

* Experience with Snowflake is highly desired

* Experience with SQL replication and SQL Server Agent is required

* span style=" background-color:#FFFF00" >Experience with AWS CLI and Networking is required/span>

* Experience with MongoDB is desired

* Experience with MS-SQL software installation, upgrade, patching required

* Experience with Red Shift is desired

* Experience with Red Point is desired

* Experience with Data Warehouses and Data Marts

* span style=" background-color:#FFFF00" >Demonstrated proficiency of SSIS and SSAS?/span>