Job Description :
Role: SFDC COE/DevOps Lead Location: Hartford, CT Start: Immediate Job Description: 8+ years of experience in SFDC config/customization Tech Lead with extensive experience in leading/driving a Salesforce COE Lead business engagements by working with business to understand the demand and provide recommendations on solutions/roadmaps Hands on experience in Sales and Service Cloud with experience in CTI, Integrations using various authentication models Hands on experience in maintaining and managing code across multiple environments Hands on experience in building environments and migrating code using ANT, Change Sets, AUTORABIT etc Extensive experience in DevSecOPs to enable new business units to adopt DevSecOps and guide on tools and techniques to adopt CI/CD Hands on experience with various salesforce platforms like Service Cloud (Required), Marketing Cloud(Optional), Sales Cloud (Optional) Hands on experience or knowledge of the various channels available in Service Cloud (ie. CTI, SMS, Email etc) and how to implement those. Hands on experience on all the config options available by Salesforce (specifically workflow, process builder and lightning flow, Email Templates, Quick Texts, Quick Actions, Assignment Rules etc Hands on experience with custom application development utilizing Visualforce, Lightning Components/Framework, Lightning Events(Lightning Component and Events are must) Hands on experience with designing and implementing custom applications on the Salesforce platform using Apex programming (Trigger and Handlers) Hands on experience with object modeling in Salesforce and understanding of fundamental database concepts (including SOQL) Hands on experience in application development using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Hands on experience with integrating with the Salesforce platform (inbound/outbound) using the REST/SOAP APIs (Sync and Async) Hands on experience working with Continuation Pattern for making call outs. Hands on experience debugging both Apx and Lightning Component code incase of issues Hands on experience in resolving code conflicts and merge issues Ability to explore Appexchange products or other product vendors from the market to meet new / existing business needs Hands on experience in doing product evaluation, product fitment analysis and scoring Ability to identify tech debt and plan for code remediation Ability to manage shared platform hosting multiple applications and identify platform issues, plan for new app onboarding, app-deboarding etc Ability to identify and create reusable components and value-adds to enhance the COE footprint Hands on experience in managing teams and working on clarifying scope, prioritizing the work for team and managing deliverables of the team Minimum Certifications Admin, Advanced Admin, PD1, Architect level certifications preferred Experience in Agile a must, SAFe a plus