Job Description :
  • 6+ years of experience writing code for a backend framework, preferably Golang, Ruby/Rails, Python/Django
  • SQL code experience, e.g., joins and nested queries (we work close to the data.) If you’ve logged out and explained ORM queries, you’re in good shape here
  • A modest (or immodest) Golang project
    Understanding of REST API design and CRUD
    Bonus Points
  • GraphQL experience: schema design, resolver logic and code, etc.
    Swagger basics, either as code first or design first.
  • Protocol buffers, especially the Golang protoc compiler and plugins.
  • Code for producer/consumer event-based messaging, e.g., using RabbitMQ, AWS SNS/SQS
  • Time on a scrum managed project: daily standups, kanban tracked tickets, etc.
    Continuous integration tools 

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