Job Description :
Dear candidate,
This is Shahista Naaz from DEG, we have urgent need for Senior Application Developer  | Chandler, AZ with our client. If you are interested, then share your updated resume with below mentioned details
call: five one six nine two seven seven seven two one (or)

Job Title: Senior Application Developer

Location: Chandler, AZ (Onsite Position)


It is the strategy of the client to showcase the new trends/technologies in the advancements in processor architecture, which include CPU, GPU, FPGA and other unique computational processing systems such as, but not limited to, Quantum Computing, Photonic Computing and Neuromorphic Computing to expand and reinforce the customer base for the client.

The client showcases the new capabilities with a demonstrable software which the customers are notified through an event and are also welcomed to use the demonstrable application. We are looking for candidates that fit the role of the software developer(s) for creating such demonstrable applications that wrap the new technology, hardware, and software, with a blend of UX/UI to deliver the client’s customers the prowess of such new technologies.

Nature of responsibilities include

  1. Brainstorming with the mentors the suitability of a specific UX/UI, which might well be a desktop, docker or web application. The stress is on the use cases which the potential/exiting customers could identify with
  2. Collaborating with the client’s other teams that deliver the technologies
  3. The delivery of the application is targeted towards the business event the client conducts to show case the capability.
  4. A quick learner of technologies to understand and appreciate the new paradigm solutions that the client comes up with. This includes the new ideas/algorithms/hardware that the client’s team provides with the best, most appropriate software technology that could demonstrate the capability.
  5. The candidate should be able to work with minimal or no supervision and should be a go-getter to collaborate with client’s internal teams.
  6. A broad understanding of what is expected is needed and should be able to use/create reusable code base for creating such applications.

Technical requirements:

  1. Bachelors or Masters in STEM branches.
  2. 5-6+ years of software development experience.
  3. Candidate should have experience to pick and work with suitable software technology to suit the demo APP, with ease.
    1. C++, C# (for WinForms), (XAML if needed) for application development targeted on the desktop
    2. Angular, NodeJS, Java Script, CSS if the application requires the need for Web Development.
  4. Knowledge of scripting with Python, Shell, DOS would also be needed
  5. Appreciation of software design principles would also be needed to create a re-usable software code base.
  6. Working experience at the application level, (system level experience too would make the candidate stand out from the crowd), on Windows and Linux platforms.
  7. Working experience with C# Winforms/XAML, OR QT AND/OR Angular are also required
  8. The lifecycle time for each application will be short and so re-usability of the code is very important.
  9. Attention to detail, perfection, understanding the new technologies, voluntary imposed self-trainings, effectively communication and acting as a bridge between the core technical and the business oriented TLM teams are too required.

shahista naaz


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