Job Description :

Job Description


Software Engineer, Backend

Note: We are open to hire Backend Engineers who can complete the coding challenge with extreme proficiency. Skills are either Java Development OR Ruby OR Golang OR Node (Anyone)
We are open to hire consultants who are proficient in any one of the language – Java, Node, Ruby or Go. There’s no restriction on attempting the test in language of your own choice.



5+ years of experience writing code for a backend framework, preferably Golang, Ruby/Rails, Java
SQL code experience, e.g., joins and nested queries (we work close to the data.) If you’ve logged out and explained ORM queries, you’re in good shape here
A modest interest in Golang project
Understanding of REST API design and CRUD
Bonus Points
GraphQL experience: schema design, resolver logic and code, etc.
Swagger basics, either as code first or design first.
Protocol buffers, especially the Golang protoc compiler and plugins.
Code for producer/consumer event-based messaging, e.g., using RabbitMQ, AWS SNS/SQS
Time on a scrum managed project: daily standups, kanban tracked tickets, etc.
Continuous integration tools, e.g., Docker, CircleCI


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