Job Description :

Please go through the below job requirement and let me know your interest.

Position:MySQL DBA


Duration:6 Months 

Required Skills:
Minimum 5+ years working with MySQL technology. Certified MySQL DBA is a plus
Minimum of 5+ years working in IT development and/or technical support
Strong proficiency in MySQL database management, preferably with experience using both
Percona & Oracle enterprise editions.
Understanding of MySQL's underlying storage engines, such as InnoDB and MyISAM
Experience in implementing a MySQL High Availability
Experience in the installation, configuration, and upgrading of MySQL software and related
Working knowledge of InnoDB cluster, group replication and NDB cluster.
Working knowledge of performance tuning and troubleshooting
Working knowledge of maintaining sound backup and recovery policies and procedures
Experience in planning growth and changes (capacity planning)
Working knowledge of designing and implementing database replication strategies
Knowledge of de-facto standards and best practices in MySQL
Working knowledge of writing and optimizing SQL statements
Working Knowledge of MySQL features, such as its event scheduler


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