Job Description :
Senior Data Scientist
Minneapolis, MN
3 Month+ Contract

*Must pass a drug test and background check once offered position*
Positions in this function produce innovative solutions driven by exploratory data analysis from unstructured, diverse datasets typically measured in gigabytes or larger.
Applies knowledge of statistics, machine learning, programming, data modeling, simulation, and advanced mathematics to recognize patterns, identify opportunities, pose business questions, and make valuable discoveries leading to prototype development and product improvement.
Uses a flexible, analytical approach to design, develop, and evaluate predictive and prescriptive models and advanced algorithms that lead to optimal value extraction from the data.
Works with analytics and statistical software such as SQL, R, Python, Hadoop and others to perform analysis and interpret data.
This function is not intended for employees performing the following work: less complex analysis on small data sets; rules-based algorithmic or descriptive analytics; development of big data infrastructure
Projects the candidate will be working on:
The Project is Enterprise Entity Management, we are taking Provider data from different sources within the organization and trying to find relationships with them.
Candidate will be working with other Data Scientists and Engineering teams to build deep learning models.
Lead the implementation of research investigations and construction of machine learning models to solve business problems in the health care industry
Ideal Background:
Data scientist
Machine learning / AI
Healthcare/provider background preferred
5+ years hands on model building using Python and scripting languages
Hands-on experience using structured and unstructured data
Top Requirements:
5+ years hands on model building using Python and scripting languages
Hands-on experience using structured and unstructured data
Appetite for risk taking, openness to influence with energy to deliver
Preferred: 5+ years of Healthcare experience
Preferred: 3+ years of experience working with Provider data
Team and Team size:
1 Project Manager
1 Product Owner
1 Data Architect
3 Data Analyst
2 Data Engineers
2 Data Scientists
Top Responsibilities:
General Profile:
- Company thought leader.
- Functional SME.
- Broad business approach.
- Resource to senior leadership.
- Develops pioneering approaches to emerging industry trends.

Job Scope:
- Predicts emerging customer needs and develops innovative solutions to meet them.
- Solves unique and complex problems with broad impact on the business.
- Participates in the development of business strategy.
- Develops and manages business plans to achieve objectives.
- Leads large, complex projects to achieve key business objectives.
- Translates highly complex concepts in ways that can be understood by a variety of audiences.
- Influences senior leadership to adopt new ideas, products, and/or approaches.
- May have segment-wide impact.
- Directs cross-functional and/or cross-segment teams.