Job Description :
Linux Systems Admin with Fuse Coding in Mahwah, NJ. The client is UPS.


·                 Pay rate is $45/hr C2C with the candidate on our W-2.







·                 Please send me candidates on our W-2 only. NO LAYERS!


·                 The client will not pay for relocation or per diem. Therefore, please only send me candidates who are available to work onsite in Mahwah, NJ.


·                 Please send the candidate39; s VALID work authorization documents. The candidate39; s name on the resume must match the candidate39; s name on his/her work authorization documents.


·                 H1B, H4, CPT, TN, OPT and green card only. No US Citizen.


o      If the candidate is OPT or CPT, I will need all 3 pages of his/her I-20, as well. Do not send me OPT or CPT candidates who are unwilling to supply this document.


·                 We require OPT and CPT candidates to send all 3 pages of the I-20 to further verify his or her education and work authorization. We use the last pages to verify the candidate is your employee.


·                 If the candidate is not comfortable with sending all 3 pages of the I-20 because of the financial information, they are more than welcome to cover it. An acceptable example is attached.


o      If the work authorization document doesn39; t have a photo of the candidate, please provide a photo ID.




Length: 12 months with high possibility of extension for a total of 3-5 years


Tentative Start Date: 7/6/20


Location: Mahwah, NJ*


Interview Process:


1nbsp;           Phone screen with me (15 minutes)


2nbsp;           Phone screen with account rep (15 minutes)


3nbsp;           Interview with client (1 hour technical interview via Zoom)


*Position will begin remotely, but will be 100% onsite once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Non-local candidates MUST relocate to the Mahwah, NJ area prior to starting remotely - NO EXCEPTIONS.




Explanation of Position:


Fuse/AMQ Systems Programmer for support of necessary FUSE and AMQ related workloads




Details of Position:


Linux System Admin skills with knowledge of FUSE and ActiveMQ (AMQ) products




REQUIRED Qualifications:


*Experience must be in a professional environment. Internships and school projects DO NOT COUNT*


·                 Linux System Administration: 6+ years


·                 Hands-on experience with coding in Jboss Fuse.


·                 ActiveMQ Administration experience


·                 Hands-on experience with Microsoft Office - Excel, Word and PowerPoint










Please include the job ID in the subject line when submitting candidates: 20-31636.




Please include the following when submitting candidates:


1nbsp; Full legal name


2nbsp; Visa status (e. g. H1B, OPT)


3nbsp; C2C rate


4nbsp; Phone number


5nbsp; Email address


6nbsp; Resume-


anbsp;   Full legal name must be on resume


bnbsp;         Candidates39; resumes MUST EXPLAIN IN DETAIL HOW they USED each of the required technologies/skills in the bullet points under each of their positionsnbsp; Just listing the required technologies/skills in the summary or environment is not good enough.


                                                                                                                          inbsp;         Also, the phrase " worked on" tells me nothing. I don39; t want to see " worked on" in resumes!!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                                                      iinbsp;         Use action verbs like " developed, " " built, " " implemented, " " configured, " " wrote, " " scripted, " " performed, " " tested, " " fixed, " " coordinated, " " collaborated" and so on. Understand?


                                                                                                                iiinbsp;         Bad: " Worked on native cloud solutions"


                                                                                                                  ivnbsp;         Good: " Built native cloud solutions"


cnbsp; Professional Summary - 0. 5 pages or less




Experience gained while working part-time, during internships or in school projects does NOT count. Many candidates list experience on their resume of jobs they worked part-time while attending university - this does not count! Only experience gained while working full-time hours (40 hours per week) counts. When I say I need someone with 4 years of experience, I need someone who has 4 years of experience working full-time (40 hours per week If any of the candidate39; s experience on the resume is part-time, you need to make a note of that.