Job Description :
Role: Kubernetes Developer Location: Chicago, IL Duration: Contract/ FullTime Their primary requirement is Kubernetes and experience of having migrated from on-prem to K8 environment. JD: The key thing we are looking for is folks who have full experience of moving service from on-prem to k8s and operating a service on k8s in production. They should have migrated a service or services for one other client, and be able to speak in detail to containerization, k8s configuration, service functional and performance validation (including Kubernetes autoscaling) and taking a service live. Let me know if you have any questions about the requirements Explain the basics of how operating a service on Kubernetes is different than operating one on-prem Kubernetes liveness and readiness probes Horizontal Pod Autoscaling and how that works in detail to the point where they can explain the basics to a service owner Talk about performance testing - how it relates to HPA, resource allocation, pod counts etc. We need the candidates to have their own familiarity with migrating services on k8s so that they can work independently.