Job Description :
Minimum Mandatory Skills : Kafka, AWS, No SQL, Spark

Prepare data to be ready for analytics including transforming from source raw data, cleaning missing data and outliers as well as imputing as necessary.

· Create a streaming data platform for a real-time consumptions.

· Work with the business to understand key goals and translate that into analytics requirements and implementations.

· Work with the Data Scientist to understand the model and implementing to be production ready.

Required Skills

· Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related fields

· At least continuous 6 years of experience with Spark, especially pySpark implementation.

· Expertise on Kafka/AWS MSK ecosystem for ingestion.

· A working knowledge with Streaming Data infrastructure

· In depth knowledge of preparing large scale data analytics for consumptions. Key knowledge on No SQL.

· Career progression demonstrating early working experience with Hadoop and moving on to include Kafka and Spark later

10+ Years is mandatory