Job Description :
Kafka admin
Bellevue, WA
Long term

Minimum of 10+ years of Hands-on development experience & architectural vision, and a deep understanding of the messaging platforms architecture and internals of how it works, along with the interplay of architectural components: brokers, Zookeeper, Producers/Consumers, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams.
Experience with Kafka Streams / KSQL architecture and associated clustering model
Strong fundamentals and experience in Kafka administration, configuration, and troubleshooting
Ability to execute, evaluate and fine-tune Performance of Kafka clusters, and its fault-tolerance model supporting High Availability and setting up Disaster Recovery
Prior Experience with managing Rabbit MQ cluster on a Kubernetes platform, setting up of topics, data replication between clusters.
Comfortable with designing and developing test API's (Producer and Consumer) to validate the Kafka Cluster setup.
Able to evaluate Kafka metrics using ELK Kibana, Grafana, or any other visualization tools.