Job Description :
This role is for the lead/Architect. Much higher level and a different location. This manager will move quickly. Write up/Summary is required at the top of the resume that reflects WHY the candidate is a fit. The write up should focus on speaking the Apex development, Lightning development, Healthcloud experience. Salesforce Technical Architect 3 Months - Contract to Hire *Must pass a drug test and background check once offered position* Description: Salesforce Technical Architect, lead a small geographically distributed team, mentorship, demonstrate ownership over process and codebase, analyze, design and develop large-scale, multi-week projects in an iterative, agile approach. Projects the candidate will be working on: Coordination Platform is a collaborative care management technology platform that helps to streamline and document daily care coordination activities. With an integrated, comprehensive view of each patient and intuitive, configurable workflow designs, the application allows care coordinators to. Identify and prioritize referrals Assess and address patient needs Create and manage personalized, patient-centric care plans Engage and collaborate with the patient and all members of a patient's care team to help all constituents navigate the health system Experience: Health cloud and Lightning development are both Required. Top Requirements: Apex development, Lightning development, Healthcloud experience. Top Responsibilities: Responsible for designing and implementing critical customer facing solutions that are highly usable, scalable, extensible, and maintainable on the platform. This person will be working in a highly Agile environment with a focus on the Salesforce Lightning technology stack. Here are some specific responsibilities for this role: Hands-on and in-depth expertise in configuration and custom development in Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Lightning Communities including the following technologies but not limited to: Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages and Lightning Components. Salesforce Lightning security and performance features. Apex REST and SOAP Web Services, Apex Callouts, Outbound Messaging and Javascript Remoting. Workflows, Lightning Flows, and Process Builder. Salesforce Shield technologies including Event Monitoring, Field Audit Trail, Transaction Security and Platform Encryption. Event messaging, Streaming API and Platform Events. Javascript, CSS and the established frameworks specifically jQuery, Angular and Bootstrap. Effectively collaborate with project team to understand the requirements, analyze them and apply new technologies to implement optimal solutions. Understand capabilities, governor limits, limit monitoring and best practices for limit-informed development. Understand Object Oriented coding standards, Design Patterns, and similar best practices. Understanding of UX and UI design principles to design and build efficient and intuitive user interfaces. Build integrations to interact with external systems based on instructions and pre-established guidelines from a Technical Architect. Understand the principals of building managed packages for AppExchange and be familiar with the security requirements and guidelines. Working knowledge of Git version control and experience using GitHub or Bitbucket is required. Follow modern Dev-Ops process using Git and Continuous Integration tools. Participate in peer design and code reviews as part of the Dev-Ops process. Analyze and troubleshoot issues in complex Salesforce applications. Stay current on Salesforce releases and certified at least as Platform Developer I. Platform Developer II is preferred. Working experience in an Agile environment involving sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint demos and retrospectives. Experience with Salesforce HealthCloud is a plus.