Job Description :
Job Title: Java Production L2/L3 Support Developer
Location: Dallas, TX/ Salt Lake City, UT
Duration: Permanent Role with Genpact

Looking for people who have systematic thinking about what matters from SDLC prospective pre and post deployments.
How do we go and figure out something is wrong, what commands you run to find all parameters are looking good. How do you automate those checks like application health is good post deployment, run some samples and checkout run after deployment, check logs are writing correct, dependent systems are working fine, alerts are setup right, monitoring metrics are showing up right, db schema is updated correctly, data is getting updated and flowing to right systems correctly. During deployment if we have to write scripts to change some os settings or software settings how do we create those templates and scripts.
How do you do zero downtime deployment rolling upgrade of new software and patches, how do you ensure blue green deployment is done correct, how do you ensure all dependent systems are not impacted during deployment.
How do you check the application and system level metrics like memory, cpu, disk space are looking good. Understand what to look at where eg grafana dashboard or metrics systems. Ensure log rotation and purge scripts are automated and working as expected.
Automate and Integrate application monitoring system agents like AppDynamics or NewRelic etc at application level.
Automate log collection agents running at application deployment time to centralized log viewing systems using ELK Elastic search Kibana tools or Splunk.
Prepare dashboards for above log scan based statistics for easy access to usage metrics and analytics. Familiarity with Kibana, Grafana, Splunk tools is highly appreciated.
Familiarity with application load balancers like Nginx, HAProxy its dynamic integration with micro services to front end load balancing. Automate this process via scripts to manage life cycle of these stack.
Write custom scripts to check health of micro services exposed health api at runtime and based on log scan to generate alerts.
Understanding of linux system commands and its usage is highly expected.
Work with developers to prepare checklist of what are key parameters to apply or check during deployment and post deployment to ensure it works as expected and run book the steps.
Familiarity with how to log into Db and run some sample queries to check db level stats as well as data. MySql, Sybase, MongoDB, Elastic search based data systems knowledge is highly appreciated. Some of these they can get knowledge from internal DBAs and Development team. But must have knack to learn know how of these things.
Familiarity with data pipeline ETL platform devops is highly appreciated since there is a lot of work done on data space.
Minimum qualifications
BE/B Tech/
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Preferred qualifications:-
Understanding of Java dev environment
Understand of database, performance tuning , sql queries, DB related issues
Scripting, shell, autosys etc
Configuration and release of code
Troubleshooting and code changes
Approach of handling issues in production
Ability to handle support tickets and had done application code changes
Good communication