Job Description :
Role: Java Web Services Developer / Sr Developer

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Position type: Long-term Contract

Job Description:

· Exp Range: 4-8 yrs

Preferred Designation:

· Sr Con/Manager

Primary Skill set (domain & technical) :

· Java 1.8 with Spring Boot, Angular 6, React, HTML5, CSS3, ES6, Typescript, Visual Studio code, Bootstrap, IntelliJ, Robot 3T, Mongo DB

Secondary Skill set (domain & technical):

· D3.js, Node, SASS, LESS, Angular CLI, Visual Studio code, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Robot 3T, Sublime, Fiddler, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, AJAX, Google Charts, D3, NVD3, Jasmine, Karma, Junit, SourceTree, Protractor

Roles & Responsibilities:

· Design and development web application for client having graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets.

· Creating cross device and cross browser dynamic web pages.

· Creation of reusable components like date picker, progress bar which can reused across the application

· Integration with backend systems

· Creating application in Spring MVC Architecture.

· Creating reusable DTOs/ Models and Services.

· Creating unit and end to end test scripts to test Angular modules and components, JUnit test cases to test Java Components.

· Creating and updating collections in mongo DB

· Creation and consumption of the latest NPM packages