Job Description :

Client – Cap Global doing a project for CenturyLink – (Cap Global managers will do the hiring)

3 to 6 month c2h

Location: Broomfield or Littleton, CO or St Louis, MO

Rate: Senior Developer – $75 per hour


The interview process will be:  Technical Assessment; phone interview with hiring manager (non technical)


Developers, we are looking for Java Full Stack Mid to Sr level.   Must be able to do unit testing and experience w/ Postmannbsp;


Technological environment:


Software Used:  WinSCP, PuTTY

·     Software Methodologies:  Agile

·     Languages:  Java 8, SQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSP, Javascript, Bootstrap, AJAX, XML,   XSLT, Apache tiles, Log4j

·     Framework:  MVC, Spring boot, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP & RestFul Web Services

·     Database:  Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL

·     Testing:  JUnit

·     Repository:  Git

·     Application Server:  Apache Tomcat

·     IDE’ s:  Eclipse, IntelliJ

·     Build and Deployment Tools:  Jenkins, Gradle STS, ITCDM

·     Others:  Splunk, PostMAN, SOAP UI, Rally, Irise, JavaX

The following list of skills is required of all Developersnbsp; In addition, the Sr. Developers are expected to have all these skills plus the ability to coach teams and act as an overall source of knowledge for Development activities.

Demonstrated experience in the design, development, documentation, testing, deployment, support, and management of APIs and microservices
For mid-level a minimum of 5+ years of software development experience and a minimum of 10+ years for Sr Level.
Deep knowledge and hands-on experience in API management platforms and API related activities including, but not limited to, requirement analysis, solution architecture and design, resource-based API modeling, micro-services architecture, API design standards, patterns and best-practices, API security standards and implementation, API governance.
Expert knowledge of Java Development, Web Services, REST-based APIs, and microservices
Expert knowledge of Spring Projects (e. g. Spring Boot and Spring ReST)
Expert knowledge of VueJS (if your candidate does not have this, I still want to see them)
Familiarity with API security models including, but not limited to, Oauth, JSON Web Token, Digital Certificates, Basic Authentication, and OpenID
Familiarity with GIT repository, CI/CD tools including, but not limited to, Jenkins: PaaS Environments (e. g. Docker and Kubernetes) and the DevOps needs: OWASP
Familiarity with JSP/Hibernate/Oracle/Gradle


See if you can find senior fullstack guys with these additional skills


For stronger UI-capable candidates, we want the following skills:

2+ years experience with React. js, Angular 4+ or Vue. js (preference of Vue. js)
Strong experience with component-based UI application architecture
Experience writing automated UI tests with frameworks such as:

MochaJS, Jasmine, etc.

Good knowledge of npm commands
Good knowledge of consuming REST services from Javascript frameworks
Good knowledge of Typescript

Developer Preparation for Coding Challenge

•                         Candidates should be prepared and familiar with the following technologies/skills to take the coding challenge:

•                         Vue. js

o                        No need to be an expert as long as you have experience in any modern Javascript UI framework such as React or Angular know how to do the following basics in Vue. js

o                        Be capable of rendering a collection of object using a loop/iteration

o                        Be capable of making REST calls from Vue. js with Axios framework using Promises

o                        Know how to do databinding on form fields

o                        Know basic Node. js/npm command-line commands typically associated with running/testing Vue. js applications

•                         Spring Boot

o                        Know how to create a RESTful service with Spring Boot

o                        Know basic Spring in general

o                        Know JUnit-based unit testing

o                        Know Mockito basics

o                        Familiarity with Postman for REST testing