Job Description :
"FTC candidates are required for the NYC GS office, to join the FX development team who are working with the broader platform. The team is building out the API and backend which handles FX related concerns of making foreign currency payments.
We need experienced candidates (e.g. >7yrs) who can hit the ground running.
Our focus is on people who will bring real world experience of Java microservice development in an AWS environment, and would expect them to have most of the below skills.
Technical / business skills
Fluency with Java, SpringBoot, Hibernate
RESTful service development, Kafka messaging
Solid grasp of software design principles, in particular Microservices, distributed systems, concurrent scalable systems, transactional processing
Real world AWS experience (within an enterprise environment)
Has applied Infrastructure As Code deployment techniques (has used Terraform or PCF [pivotal cloud foundry])
An awareness of security principles and associated implementation e.g. TLS, certificate issuance
Git experience, awareness of CI / CD principles and automation pipelines
Experience working within an Agile project a benefit
Experience in the FX and/or Payments domains a benefit
Personal qualities
Strong communicator – able to work with development and product teams in a global setting, constructively volunteers opinions
Analytical thinker – able to take complex requirements, tease out issues with appropriate questions, refine them into an implementation
An attention to detail – writes clean and consistent code, thorough testing, a focus on quality of testing, diligent code reviewer
Independence – able to take and run with problems, balanced with communicating back to the team and escalating blockers appropriately
Flexibility – can consider technical approaches which balance commercial benefits with tech debt
Fit - able to easily slot into the team and work with other developers"