Job Description :

Projects the candidate will be working on:

  • Mobile Apps for Customers.
  • The MCOE has a number of mobile apps under our umbrella that we maintain and update.
  • We are looking for a senior iOS engineer to help us to update and add functionality with these apps.
  • In addition we always have requests from our business partners to build new mobile apps.
  • The candidate would play a key role in both types of projects.

Ideal Background:

  • Ideal candidate should be well-versed in iOS development, understand mobile debugging, and have experience connecting to RESTful services.


  • Swift experience necessary.

Top Requirements:

  • Swift (3 years experience), Mobile development (5 years experience), Agile methodology.

Team and Team size:

  •  Part of a team
  • Teams are generally 3 to 6 developers split between mobile and service development. This position will focus on the iOS development.


  • The candidate needs to listen and work collaboratively within a scrum team.
  • The candidate should be able to grasp unique business requirements and constraints and work within those confinements.
  • As a senior engineer the candidate must be able to coach and mentor early career engineers.

Top Responsibilities:

  •  Attend regular scrum meetings.
  • Design and develop software.
  • Unit test software.
  • Participate in architecture/design reviews.
  • Collaborate with service developers in order to understand APIs.
  • Deliver on time and with quality.
  • Create and implement patterns.
  • Mentor early career engineers.

Software tools/skills:

  • Swift, Agile Methodology.


  • Real-world iOS development experience, Swift, API calls.

Nice to have:

  • Jenkins experience

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