Job Description :

The Data Architect works in all data environments which includes data design, database architecture, metadata and repository creation. The Data Architect work assignments are varied and frequently require interpretation and independent determination of the appropriate courses of action.
The Data Architect responsible for developing blueprints for all data repositories, evaluating hardware and software platforms, and integrating systems. Translates business needs into long-term data architecture solutions. Defines, designs and builds dimensional database schemas. Evaluates reusability of current data for separate analyses. Conducts data sheering to rid the system of old, unused or duplicate data. Reviews object and data models and the metadata repository to structure the data for better management and quicker access. Understands department, segment, and organizational strategy and operating objectives, including their linkages to related areas. Makes decisions regarding own work methods, occasionally in ambiguous situations, and requires minimal direction and receives guidance where needed. Follows established guidelines/procedures.
Required Qualifications
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field
Less than 5 years of technical experience
Operational Data Integration for real-time APIs
Big Data Integration & Analytics
Must be passionate about contributing to an organization focused on continuously improving consumer experiences
Cloud Security and Data architect (AWS/GCP/Azure)
Preferred Qualifications
Master's Degree

Tracking data sources
o Data catalog
o Ingestion progress
o Tracking ~240 sources. We are working on narrowing down this list.
Managing Ingestion Intake requests
Creation of design notes for new data sources and updating existing sources as they change.
o Saved design notes would end up on our SharePoint data repository.
Diagraming existing ingestion flow
o Saved diagram would end up on our SharePoint data repository.
Working with SMEs on requirements
The candidate doesn't need to be highly technical. Ideally they'd be a mix of technical/project related/organizational. The candidate should have the following skills:
Highly organized. This is priority #1.
Good communication skills via phone, email, and text.
Ability to lead meetings and project calls.
Basic understanding of computer networks, file systems, and databases.
Project management.
Proficiencies in Office, Visio, SharePoint, and MS DevOps.
***work with connectors and agents in AWS/GCP/AZURE to send data into Azure Blob, ADX and Log Analytics
***Cloud Data architect (AWS/GCP/Azure) working with data pipeline atuomation and ETL to support Cloud 3.0 initiative
-Nice to have security environment background in cloud
***Manage the migration of data sources from multi-cloud to Azure Datalake
*** Familiar with the following technology data: GTM, Akamai, zScaler, PaloAlto, Alkira, Equinix SDO, Istio, Calico, Shape, CSPM (Accurics), Twistlock, Qualys, CSP Native Agent
***Work with migration engineering teams and end client in Humana to validate post migration data formats
***Nice to have KQL query, Azure Log Analytics Query, SQL Query


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