Job Description :
We need Security Candidate of GCP CLOUD.

· In-depth & hands-on experience with identity and access management, network security, data protection, cryptography, and penetration testing.

· In-depth & hands-on with architecting, developing, or maintaining secure cloud solutions such as Google Cloud Platform and AWS, including:

o Environment isolation

o Organization policies

o IAM roles

o User & Group Management/Cloud Identity


o Secure VPC architecture

o Firewall rules

o Logging

o Encryption & KMS

o System hardening

o Vulnerability scanning

o Secret management

· In-depth & hands-on experience with infrastructure automation, secure software development and application security.

· In-depth & hands-on experience with securing Kubernetes and containerization workloads.

· Provide domain expertise in cloud computing security, compliance, and security best practices.

· Understanding of industry compliance and security standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 1&2.

Create and deliver security best practices recommendations, tutorials, blog articles, sample code, and technical presentations adapting to different levels of key business and technical stakeholders