Job Description :


Scope of Work

The Consultant will work with a team within the Child Support Program, Enterprise System Support Process (ESSP), augmenting current program resources and providing functional assistance consultation services in support of the operations and maintenance (O&M) of CAMS.


3.0  General Activities:



Project Plan Consulting

Assist in the periodic review and revision of the Operations and Maintenance sections of the CAMS Enterprise Project Plan.

Provide opinions and guidance to the CAMS Project Manager.

Project Schedule Management and Tracking Work Performed

Use the Project Management tool to record time and progress reporting. Assist in the development of project plans. Manage incidents using the Department tool.

Operations & Maintenance Plans and Processes

Follow established plans and processes. Provide recommendations for updates as requested.



Support Request

Perform a preliminary impact assessment of any support requests and provide an impact analysis that covers impact to cost, resources, hardware, software, schedule, and any downstream impact to other IT systems, projects or programs as requested. Lead and manage support requests as assigned.

Complete assigned support request related work.



Change Analysis

Provide opinion on potential and proposed changes to CAMS by the Department. This may include options and suggestions for alternatives, as well as, an impact analysis that covers impact to

cost, resources, hardware, software, schedule, and any downstream impact to other IT systems, projects or programs.


Attend and Participate in Meetings

Attend meetings related to CAMS Operations & Maintenance, and any CAMS related modifications or enhancements.

Schedule and lead meetings and provide agendas, presentations, minutes, issue, and decision papers.




Ad Hoc Opinions and Reports

Provide reports or opinions as directed by the CAMS Project Manager or designee. These are data to assist in decision making, not changes migrated to production. Examples of reports, opinions, and draft responses include: Providing responses to State and Federal agency inquiry, prepare formal or informal status reports including supporting documentation as

needed, prepare materials for interagency, state, and federal audits and other systems reviews



Trend Analysis

Assists program staff on an as-needed basis to analyze trends and cause/effect relationships associated with child support program performance, including analysis and dissemination of data related information such as performance accountability

measurements (PAMS) and federal reporting.


Incident Management Support

Assist in determining the problem and resolve 2nd level requests. Break-Fix resolution and root cause analysis support to address CAMS application problems.


Problem Management Support

Assist in the proactive management of systems and hardware. Root cause analysis and resolution plan implementation and identify fixes that require code modification/enhancement to

correct operational deficiencies.


Release Management Support

Assist in the planning, preparation and release of major and minor updates (e.g., hot packs and version releases) to existing software and installation of new software.

System Documentation and Traceability

Assist in requirements documentation and requirements traceability.

Configuration Management Support

Assist in control and management of software and IT hardware.



Assists in the development and critical review of appropriate workflows, forms, and design documents that describe proposed and/or implemented system functionality.


Abnormal End Analysis and Correction

Assist in the resolution of software and batch processing aborts and abnormal ends. Recommend code revisions. Assist external partners in correcting file irregularities that prevent batch processing.

Batch Processing

Monitor Batch as required. Assist in correcting issues that prevent timely and complete batch processing.



Code Maintenance

Assist technical staff in maintaining existing code, resolution of test discrepancies/defects, production system problem analysis and software modification, resolution of software aborts, performance tuning of code through revised design structures or actual code modifications.


Database Maintenance

Assist technical staff in maintaining system databases. Work

with staff to determine programming or structural changes needed to fix errors, increase database or system efficiency or




performance. Review databases and tables to ensure that data is accurately processed and stored.



Interface Operations

Assist in the maintenance of system interfaces to ensure data is flowing in-bound and out-bound with external partners. Identify errors causing data transfer problems and work with staff to

correct them. Identify and remove corrupt data transferred into CAMS due to an interface malfunction.


Production Problem Analysis

Perform routine system tests to determine if operational problems exist. Analyze identified problems for root cause and options for resolution.


Resolve Test Discrepancies

Resolve test deficiencies for new functionality, code changes, new configurations or new/upgraded software installed and

integrated into the CAMS Production environment to ensure full system functionality.


Specification Drafting

Develop functional specifications to document system changes and enhancements. Correct minor errors identified in current system documentation.

Specification Review

Review and provide analysis on functional and technical specifications.

SAP Research

Research SAP documentation to identify fixes for potential and reported problems and to increase system efficiency.


Software Installation & Integration

Assist in the installation and integration of new software or existing software upgrades and patches into the CAMS Production environment. Identify potential software and hardware conflicts and take action to prevent or correct them.


Software Modifications

Make approved changes to existing software using configuration to allow for full functionality of the system without errors or system slowdown.



Assists in conducting tests for new functionality, code changes, new configurations or new/upgraded software installed and integrated into the CAMS Production environment to ensure full

system functionality.


System Access

Assist in review and modification of system access procedures for Department staff, external partners and contractors. Ensure that all procedures are followed to maintain the integrity and security of the system and data.

User Roles

Assist in the development, testing, and maintenance of user roles and other system access profiles.


Business Rules

For changes, assist in the development, analysis and updating (documentation/configuration) of business rules, business rules design, and testing.



Knowledge Transfer

Transfer of project information to Department staff and other O & M partners, and other State/Federal entities as requested including communication and documentation of specific skills and unique knowledge required to operate, maintain and

enhance the CAMS system. Knowledge share of SAP. Mentor staff.

Update Training Documents

Update training documents to reflect changes.





·        Minimum three (3) years’ experience in SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

·        Functional SAP experience is required

·        Experience with requirements, design and testing

·        Knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications or object-oriented analysis and design


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