Job Description :

Job Title: DSS - Trading Support

Location: New York Ciy, NY(onsite day 1)

Looking for DSS Trading support profiles with financial & banking experience.

Candidate must haves -

Please find the details question, share these answers with every submission -

1. When/why is the ipconfig command used?

2. What is the difference between roaming, local, and temp profile?

3. How do you check account status for a windows id?

4. How do you boot a computer to the Safe Mode?

5. What is Safe Mode is used for?

6. What is Blue Screen of Death and how do you troubleshoot it?

7. What do you know about the Active Directory?

8. What do you understand by Group Policy?

9. Are you familiar with the Syswow64 folder?

10. What kind of types of monitor connections do you know?

11. What kind of software do you know, which can be used for remote assistance?

12. What kind of HDD types do you know and what is the difference?


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