Job Description :
Title: DevOps Engineers
Duration: 3+ Months (High possibilities of extension)
Location: Redmond, WA

- At least 4 years of development experience on Linux including Java, GCC, GNU Make, Python 3, Bash shell scripting
- At least 2 years of development experience on Red Hat Linux / CentOS 7.x or later
- At least 2 years of development experience building and maintaining Docker containers
- Experience with creating, deploying, and debugging applications on Kubernetes

Strongly preferred:
- Experience developing on and maintaining Red Hat OpenShift 3.x/4.x clusters in single and multi-node configurations
- Previous experience with building and repackaging large OSS projects (e.g. Hadoop, Python 3.x, Samba)
- Understanding of how Docker containers work at the operating system level (namespaces, CGroups, custom security policies)

- Ability to design and implement PowerShell scripts on Windows
- Experience with Azure Red Hat Openshift, Jenkins and Azure DevOps to build or extend existing testing pipelines